Aug 31, 2012

I'm back!!! After a long month of moving, starting yet another new job!! I'm excited to start posting illustrations again and i promise I'll be posting a lot more...I officially have my own studio now! I'm in the process of painting and decorating. I still don't have a desk so there's a lot left to do but soon I'll be posting from my own little space, so excited!


karin said...

dear crazy shoes,

yes! more drawings, please ;)
& congrats on a new studio, job + home. oh my, you've been quite busy!!


enchanted owls. said...
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enchanted owls. said...

HI KARIN!! -thank you!! I will post more soonish..I hope you had an awesome summer/ are doing well!! We should do another mail art swap!! Email me your address!!

talk to you soon,
crazy shoes ;--D