Oct 27, 2011

I hope everyone is having a great week! We are having awesome fall weather here. I love it! Here are a few doodles, some Halloween and a sneak peak at some holiday drawings I've been working on!

Oct 24, 2011

This past Saturday, Alex of ZinePolice and I were asked to teach a mini workshop on zine making at our old alma mater, KCAI. It was a blast! We had about 20 students show up and none of them had ever made a zine but were super excited to learn more about them! Together we made a collaborative half page zine. There wasn't an overall theme but somehow middle names and Adventure Time played an important role in many of the illustrations. Here's a few shots of the zine we made. Also, here's my contribution to the zine in color, enjoy! And a special thanks to Zoe Pedziwiatr for organizing the workshop, her drawing was the centerfold (what would I do without my calvins?) Currently she's working on a blog of her artwork...I can't wait to see it!

Oct 20, 2011

Let's make up nice.

Oct 19, 2011

Halfway through the week! Ya!

Oct 18, 2011

Sound Good Look Good. Which do you prefer, records or your ipod? Or maybe both!

Oct 16, 2011

Just a few doodles, I haven't had time to work on any big projects lately. But I can't wait until I do! 

Oct 13, 2011

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Oct 8, 2011

Quick post because I'm already on the computer working on stuff, but I'm going outside now...bye!

Oct 6, 2011

A very colorful duck and some things from my bathroom.

Oct 4, 2011

A little bit of Confucius for you! Do you see beauty in everything?

Oct 1, 2011

Just sitting here, drinking my coffee and thinking about what I should work on next. The list is long, I want to learn to play the guitar, make some ceramics, update my etsy site, sew a quilt, bake a cake, go to the pumpkin patch, thrift some sweaters, make a zine or two...where to start?