Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a little sneak peak of what I'm working on today: pillows! For the Strawberry Swing: Holiday Swing Indie Craft Fair. It's only a week away, I've got a lot to do still! But for today, I hope you all eat, relax and spend lots of time with friends and family. It's Thanksgiving, yay!

Nov 21, 2011

Just some doodles for your Monday!

Nov 19, 2011

You are loved. And I hope you have a great day!

Nov 16, 2011

I'm baaaaccckk! Working hard on things for the Swing! Here is a little sampler of holiday card designs!

Nov 10, 2011

I'm going out of town for a bit but when I get back I'll be posting more about my work for the craft fair! Also, tomorrow is my birthday! I've already had a lot of chocolate cake and way too many homemade salted caramels from Kate! I can only imagine I'll be eating more cake, cupcakes, candy, and wine I'll be busy working out and working on the craft fair when I get back! See you then!

Nov 6, 2011

I am so excited to announce that I along with my friend Kate will be part of the Holiday Swing indie craft fair. I was lucky enough to be a part of the fair's summer show, Strawberry Swing and now I get to show off some holiday goodies in December! Please save the date and time, December 4th, 9am to 6pm at the Alexander Majors Barn. There are so many wonderful artist that will be exhibiting their work and I can't wait to be a part of this awesome community again! I will put a banner for the show on my blog, so you can check out their website for posts about what's happening. I'll keep updating you here with posts about Kate's amazing work, Ten Thousand Charms. Plus, a little bit about what I've got going on for the show too!

Nov 4, 2011

Two trends that I still think are really fun. Really in the mood to make friendship bracelets, just have to find the time first. Also, happy Friday everybody! Hope you have a wonderful first weekend of November!

Nov 1, 2011

I think my day has already been way too long...I'm ready to hibernate. Happy November!