Feb 25, 2012

Happy weekend!!


karin said...

dear sweet brigette xoxo thank you so much for the best valentine!! your turtle poster is so gorgeous & thanks for the awesome zine...so true + so cute! (oh kcai :) plus, the wild wayne & garth stickers were such a sweet bonus!!
congratulations on your new gig!! it'll be better working with plants. now you can get away with talking to the plants & flowers instead of talking to the paper?!?! hehe
...anyways, keep drawing & keep in touch
xoxo karin

enchanted owls. said...
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enchanted owls. said...

KARIN!! SO happy you got it!!! I wanted to send you more zines but i couldnt find them???!!! eeek, oh no!! They're somewhere, I know it....buried under paper i'm sure (story of my life). Anyways, thank you for the well wishes, I will sure miss Paper Source but i love flowers so yeah, its an awesome change for sure!! Keep in touch xo :)

PS Happy you liked Wayne & Garth, Party ON!!