Aug 4, 2011

Yesterday I received the most AWESOME package, all the way from Lancashire, England, from the lovely and very talented Martha Rushworth! The package was FULL of fun drawings, a zine, a mix cd (!!), a little water colored cut out of a hippy and the most endearing and sweet card I think I've ever read, hands down!! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, please do...her drawings are beautiful, hilarious and so incredibly thoughtful. I'm lucky to have a bit of her work & such a great friend all at the same time! Also, check out the cool flowers my mom gave me and a poppy-pod from my good friend Jordan! I love it all, thank you! 


Martha said...

hip, hip hooray
I think you're stuff is awesome! Kind of feel like we have the same sense of humour and stuff..! Think we should do mail art again next year, see what our work is like then!! take care xx :-)

Annarack said...

Totally awesome.....mail art rules.

enchanted owls. said...

I know!! I love mail art :-) Also--good much could happen in a year?! Let's do that!!